Robomotion works as an actual employee on your desktop.

All you need is a spare computer to have a fully functioning employee that never gets tired of handling the repetitive tasks. Plus, it works on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Used by many. Trusted by leading brands.

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With desktop automation, you can build any flow you want

You can link various applications on your computer with Robomotion. From Excel to SAP and Slack—the possibilities are infinite! Here are some examples of what you can do with RPA desktop automation:

Run applications without any workforce!

Robomotion mimics the repetitive work of your employees. It can run apps, input and extract data, and use that data to feed other apps.

Link desktop applications

You can link almost every desktop app with Robomotion’s drag and drop flow designer tool to build seamless workflows and link applications.

You don't need a coder!

Except for extreme cases, you can build workflows on Robomotion with its drag and drop flow designer without any coding experience.

Have everything ready on your desk

Robomotion can work all day, every day, so you can set it to build reports to be delivered to yourinbox first thing in the morning.

Task scheduling

You don’t have to assign only one task to Robomotion. You can build more than one workflow for different hours, and since there are 24 hours in a day, it can do more than anybody else in the office.

PC, Mac, and Linux!

You don’t have to worry about compatibility with Robomotion since it can run on the major operating systems.

Robomotion can operate almost every piece of software on your desktop. All you need to do is build workflows, and it'll work as an actual employee who can work all day, every day.

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