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Insurance is the most automatable industry thanks to its repetitive workload. Rest your eyes and leave the repetitive tasks to Robomotion.

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RPA for Insurance Companies: What You Can Do

Automate repetitive tasks

You can automate almost all of the administration, including insurance approvals, claims processing tasks, virtual assistants etc. with robotic process automation. Robomotion can scan, fill, and deliver the documents for you.

Automate Claims Processing

Tired of spending a huge amount of time while processing chunks of data from different sources with legacy systems? RPA does all of the information processing and verification for you with text recognition. The best thing is, it does error-free work.

Increase your customer experience with virtual assistants

You can set up Chatbots to automatically reply to your customers about pretty much everything: policy status, auto-renewals, instant notifications, etc. In short, if it's on record, you can automate it.

Build reports. Faster.

Since Robomotion can collect data on customer behavior smoothly and accurately, it can build reports in Excel with charts and diagrams in minutes so your project managers can focus on thecreative stuff.

You can save up to 50% with robotic process automation in the insurance industry. Robomotion can help your employees with time-consuming routines so they can focus on their customers needs.

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If you work for a startup, you might be eligible to buy the Corporate Plan for €99 through the Robomotion Startups Program.

Robomotion allowed us to automate the complexity of setting up the document signing process, so we can focus on building the business.

Ayhan Şentürk, Figopara