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Robomotion can scan every social media site you need, extracts new lead or audience data, auto-follows and notifies them, and builds detailed CSV reports. It's your dream marketer, and the best thing is, Robomotion runs on your computer, mimicking an actual employee, but it can work 24/7 without limits.

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Many industries use Robomotion's growth tool for their own needs. With readymade RPA growth modules, you scrape social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, find new leads, grow your audience, and even build mailing lists. All with one robot! Here are some examples:

Audience growth

Robomotion scans social media services like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to expand your network, auto-follow, comment and like new people and posts, send automated messages to the lists it creates, and even track hashtags.

Find new leads

Since Robomotion can scrape every social media site, it can find you new leads based on your target audience choices. Even better, it can be integrated into your CRM software to auto-input new lead data and send automated emails & messages.

Build new email lists

You can use Robomotion to scan websites to scrape email addresses. It can build unique email lists based on web sites, send automated emails, and even auto-respond to emails.

Know your competition

Robomotion can check what your competitors are doing by checking their ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It can give you detailed reports, too.

Reach the niche

You can use Robomotion to check unique Instagram page followers, auto-follow them, and send them messages. The same rules apply for Facebook Groups, Twitter, and LinkedIn, too!

Find the perfect candidate

Since Robomotion can scrape LinkedIn and CV sites, it can find you the next perfect candidate by filtering CVs based on your needs, sending you candidate lists, and notifying them of appointments.

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